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A training that sticks and gets from guessing to knowing

How Tech Works

Learn the Web Stack framework so you understand how it all fits together between the Client, the Server and the Database

How Tech Gets Made

Discover the Software Development Life Cycle framework for building software

Who Makes Tech

Learn the 4 roles around Data, Cyber, Application Engineering and DevOps

Best Practices

There are many ways to go about building Tech and companies have "best practices" - this is essential for placing candidates

Buyer Personas

Placing Tech talent isn't just about talking to the CTO. The Director of Engineering or HR Business Partner are essential too

Map of Technologies

Built a framework of where each piece of technology sits so you can spot transferrable skills in your talents

Frequently Asked Questions

No such thing as a dumb question. Anything missing?

How long does the whole course takes on average?

We estimate 15h worth of work to be done in order to complete all the course. This can be done over a few days or a few weeks. You can go at your own pace but we believe it's best to condense the work over a few weeks doing 3-4h per week.

Why is this a course specifically for Tech Recruiters?

We started developing this course as we realised too many Tech Recruiters didn't have enough knowledge of technology to do their job well. And this, we believe, is impacting the quality of their work and their reputation in the industry. This being said, the course can be taken by anyone, but it was designed primarily for Tech Recruiters.

Why is your platform and approach to learning different?

We designed a new kind of platform using a Graph curriculum design. It's a bit like a map where you can take different ways to achieve your goal. We believe it's a more empowering and a more visual way to go about learning. As for the learning approach, we know that simply "consuming" content (like watching a video) is a poor way to retain content. This is why everything is designed on the platform to be "action" oriented: you'll always be doing something to cement your learning.

What can I expect to know by the end of the course?

The course was designed for tech recruiters. By the end of the course you'll be able to understand how software gets built with all its components, where they fit and by what kind of technical person they get built. You'll then be able to map different frameworks that are important to understand the world of technology. At the end of it, all of this is important so you can have a more informed conversation with technical people, and feel comfortable to know what AWS stands for, or how it's different to Azure and why someone who can develop in Python may also be good for a Ruby job.

Will it require me to code?

Absolutely not! Whilst learning to code may be interesting, it's not essential for doing your tech recruitment job. If you're interested in extra learning around coding, we recommend platforms like Codecademy or Khan Academy etc.

What is the format of the course?

It's all happening on-line at your own pace. You will be able to take as short or long as you want to go through the content, but a mentor will be accompanying you throughout the program expecting you to complete it within a few weeks. There will not be online videoconferences.

Can I do this on my mobile or tablet on the undeground?

The platform was built for desktop-first and we're working on adapting it perfectly for mobile and tablets. Whilst not a perfect User Experience (UX) on mobile yet, it's still possible to use your mobile for taking the course. As for the underground, unfortunately you'll need a consistant internet connection to take the course. We're working on making it available offline.

For what kind of learners is this best suited for?

We've designed the program so it applies for many different kind of learners. There's video content, written content, transcripts, quizzes, sorting games etc. What makes it different is that at all time you'll be asked to "do" something and not just "consume" content passively.

If I'm stuck how can I get help?

We're here to help at all time. We've got a chat box throughout the process, so never hesitate to contact us. Equally, others who have gone or are going through the program will be able to help. This is a safe place and a community of tech recruiters who want to help each other.

Need more help?

Don't hesitate to book a call.

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