Stop winging it. Understand the Tech World.

The standard course forย in-house and agency-side tech recruiters
to increase sales through understanding technology

Close more deals.
Speak the client's language.

TechMap is a course designed by and for tech recruiters to know the Tech World


Giving your recruiters the knowledge base to engage with CTOs


CTOs trust tech recruiters who can speak their language


A confident and trusted team will generate recurrent business

Intelligent Learning

The old way is to passively watch content.
Now, learners won't be able to just sit and watch, but will need to engage with the content so it sticks.
It's also social, learn with peers for better results.

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6 Chapters.
15 Hours.

Flexible learning that adapts to all schedules

How Software Works
How Software Gets Made
Who Makes Software
Modern Software Practices
Applied Learning
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TechMap is Global

We're on a mission to get as many recruiters confident at creating relationships with CTOs and increaseย sales.

Over a hundred recruiters, BDs and sales people all over the world are improving their tech recruitment skills with us.


About Us

Having taken a lot of online courses for adults, I have never taken a course that felt so useful and engaging. Whenever I can, I tell the team here in Brazil the excellent content we are being presented every week. It is remarkable how much my conversations with leads are improving.

Business Development, Brazil

I think the training program is great in terms of helping us understand the technical language and how things work in the tech world. Course content is also awesome, love the metaphors and activities.

Employer Engagement Coordinator, Australia

Just want to give a huge shout-out to Whatever for making the training so fun and easy to understand, given the complexity of the content! You guys are amazing at what you do!

Business Development & Partnerships, Pakistan

I donโ€™t come from a tech background so I have found the tech training super useful.

I do find it difficult but what I know today from what I knew week 1 is pretty amazing!

Employer Partnerships Manager

The Standard to learn Technology for Tech Recruiters